Hello Ghouls and Goblins,

Halloween is coming up, and we have a treat for you. Our friends from Flower Jesus Quintet have been working hard to release their new single cassette, “Flower Jesus, Massive Cave”. The cassette is 30 minutes long, and features three different Flower Jesus versions, as well as outtakes, rarities and b-sides from their tape sessions. These tapes are –super limited– and won’t be put out again, so grab one while you can.

The cassettes will be available tonight, October 18,2013, at Lime Light in San Antonio, TX (Here’s a map link in case you don’t know where that is). The show is $3 dollars and everyone who purchases the cassette tonight will receive a free, very rare and limited poster, designed by Underbelly Printing specifically for this release. Flower Jesus Quintet will be accompanied by Jeremiah Bird, New Hampshire (members of Last Nighters), and Moon Walks (members of Holy Wave and Low Times, Austin TX). We’re all looking forward to it.

For all the ghouls who can’t make it out tonight, you’re in luck. The cassette is available for download on BandCamp for only $7 dollars, or you can order the cassette through our online store, starting tonight.

Now… If you’re one of the try-before-you-buy goblins, then here’s a little sample. If you like it, don’t be afraid to push the buy button. It’s only going to add more songs to your computer.

Hope to see you all tonight.